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Characters | Blood Powers | Magic | Gods | Ruling a Domain | Warfare | Realm Magic | Creatures


Chapter 1 - Characters

Ability Scores | Skill Synergy | Equipment

Anuirean Barbarian Administrate Arcane Sanctum Improved Shadow Guide
Brecht Bard Diplomacy Battle Caster Inscribe War Tattoo
Khinasi Cleric Gather Information Blood Focus Leadership
Rjurik Druid Knowledge Bloodline Prodigy Master Administrator
Vos Fighter Knowledge Regional Cultural Arms Focus Master Diplomat
Dwarves, Cerilian Monk Knowledge Local Cultural Arms Training Master Merchant
Elves, Cerilian (Sidhelien) Paladin Lead Cultural Elite Arms Training Master of the Arcane
Half Elves, Cerilian Ranger Profession Cultural Rogue Training Military Genius
Halflings, Cerilian Rogue Speak Languages Daily Blessing Northerner
  Sorcerer Warcraft Discipline Plainsrider
  Wizard   Divine Sanctum Regent Focus
  Magician Skill Synergy Dwarven Artisan Seafarer
  Noble   Elven Artisan Shadow Guide
      Elven Voice Shadow Magic
      Forestdweller Shadow Walker
      Great Leader Spellsong Mastery
      Hardiness Spymaster
      Highlander Wilderness Savant





















Chapter 2 - Blood and Regency

Introduction | the Scion Class | Bloodline Score | Usurpation | Bloodtheft | Blood Abilities


Bloodlines Scion of Anduiras Scion of Azrai Scion of Basaïa Scion of Brenna Scion of Masela Scion of Reynir Scion of Vorynn



Blood Abilities

Bloodtrait Invulnerability
Death Touch Sea Song
Detect Lie
Home Hearkening
Divine Aura   Poison Sense














Chapter 3 - Magic in Cerilia

Fundamentals | The Shadow World | Magician spells | Cleric domains


Arcane Magic Spell Descriptions Spell Descriptions Spell Descriptions Divine Magic
Magic and Society Bloodbond Improved Armor Shadow Portal Clerics
Spell Research Circle of Secrets Khinasi Trader's Tongue Sidhelien Bow Druids
Creating Magic Items Deepest Night Know Bloodline Starry Sky Paladins
  Detect Elven Influence Know Origin Suppress Blood Ability Rangers
  Disguise Bloodline Mask Bloodline Suppress Bloodline Resurrection
  Enhance Blood Ability Mass Magic Weapons Transport via Water  
  False Tracks Mass Mounts Winter Wolves  
  Fireform Misfortune    
  First Strike Moonbeam    
  Fury of Winter Night's Embrace    
  Gift of Eloéle Purity of Reason    
  Hand of Ice Ruornil's Gift    













Chapter 4- Gods and Religion

Celestials, Demons and Other Powers |Worship | State Religions | Patron Deities | Cerilian Deities | Human Deities | Other Powers | Faiths of Haelyn | The Shadow World | The Afterlife


The Gods of Cerilia

Avani Kriesha The Cold Rider
Belinik Laerme Kartathok
Cuiraécen Nesirie Moradin
Eloéle Ruornil Torazan
Erik Sera Halfling spirituality
Haelyn   Sidhelien spirituality







Chapter 5 - Ruling a Domain

Provinces | Holdings | Domain Assets | Courts | Lieutenants | Trade Routes | Treasuries | Domain Attitudes | Regents


Domain Attitude Adventure Build Agitate Contest Holding
Domain Collections Ply Trade Decree Cast Realm Spell Contest Trade Route
Regent Skills Research Disband Ceremony Create Holding
Source Holdings Training Finance Coronation Create Ley Line
Seizures Travel Muster/Train Troops Designation Create Trade Route
Domain Costs   Occupy Province Divestiture Diplomacy
Domain Action Rounds     Lieutenancy Espionage
Domain Events     Transfer Rule Province
Domain Actions     Vassalage Rule Holding
Realm Action     Move Troops  












Chapter 6- Armies and Warfare

Overview | Battle Resolution | The Aftermath

Military Units Units by Culture/Race Naval Units Managing Military Assets Strategic Warfare The Battlefield
Unit Movement Anuirean Coaster Mustering Military Intelligence Effects of Terrain
Combat Basics Brecht Cog Maintaining Strategic Movement Effects of Weather
Unit Types Dwarf Dhoura Special Musters Terrain Effects of Visibility
Unit Experience Elf Dhow Mercenaries Weather Effects of Fortifications
Improving Units Gnoll Drakkar Drafting Conscripts Forced March Movement Phase
Unit Make up Goblin Galleon Military Domain Assets Garrison Attack Phase
  Khinasi Keelboat Fortifications Strategic Adjustment Commanders & Lead
  Orog Knarr Highways and Bridges    
  Rjurik Longship Alliances    
  Vos Roundship      












Chapter 7- Realm Magic

Arcane Realm Magic | Sources | Ley Lines | Casting Arcane Spells | Divine Realm Magic | Casting Divine Realm Spells |


Realm Spells

Alchemy Blight Land Evocation Ley Line Trace Scry Province
Battle Armor Bloodline Destruction Honest Dealings Ley Line Ward Stronghold
Battle Arms Bloodline Ward Imbue with Blood Ability Mass Destruction Subversion
Battle Bless Bloodline Investiture Interdiction Protection from Realm Magic Summon Monstrous Unit
Battle Fury Death Plague Legion of Dead Raze Summon Nature's Army
Battle Seeming Demagogue Ley Line Mask Regent Sight Transport
Bless Land Dispel Realm Magic Ley Line Sunder Shadow Block Warding
  Disrupt Mebhaighl      








Chapter 9 - Creatures

Ancient Races | Horror's of the Shadow World | Monsters of Cerilia | Templates

Dragons The Spawn of Azrai Blood Hound Wolf rider The Gorgon Becoming A Monster
Giants The Awnsheghlien Caracdir Meharmaine The Dread Awnsheghlien Template
Goblins Standard Creatures Cerilian Dragon Orog The Ghoul Ehrsheghlien Template
Gnolls   Elven Horse Riders of the Magian Minions of the Gorgon Shadow World Halfling Template
Orogs   Forest Giant Skuhlzecki The Hand of Azrai Spectral Scion Template
The Fey   Ice Giant Varsk The Harrow  
        The Ogre