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T5 Boeruine - the delivery

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Wagon delivery

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:53 pm    Post subject: T5 Boeruine - the delivery Reply with quote

Just few day after the Boeruine embassy was destroyed a wagon approaches the Boeruine guards at Seaharrow. A man jumps of the wagons and loses himself in the crowd.

As the guards search the the wagon, they find a great number of small boxes, just large enough to hold a human hand in the back and a letter addressed to Derwyn Boeruine on the front seat.
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Derwyn Boeruine

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"How many?" The Archduke enquires mildly, seemingly unphased by the news.

"All of them my lord." Sir Ballistere replies. "Every man woman and child. There hands have been removed and delivered in boxes. The embassy has been completely destroyed. Lord Mordaunt's head was placed on a spike outside the senate chambers."

Derwyn strokes his beard, "I see." He chuckles. "She is braver and more stupid than I had thought. Murdering men, women and children and burning down embassies under the Imperial Chamberlains nose is folly even for a guilder as powerful as her."

He stands and moves to a table where he pours himself a glass of wine.
"Have Lord Mordaunts head returned to Boeruine, we will give him a martyrs burial.
Send Sir Sigismund to the Imperial City, he will be our new representative. Better send a large contingent of guards too. I want to know what the Chamberlain is going to do about this. If needs be remind him that we hold his cousins daughters."
The Archdukes sips from his cup savouring the wine.
"Have your men remove Bireon's influence in my archduchy as well. Do whatever it takes, anyone who remains loyal to her dies.
Lastly send her Sir Falkes feet, his sword hand, his ears and his eyes. But keep him alive." Derwyn smiles. "If she thinks she can cower me she can think again."
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