BR Lite - New Beginnings

A Birthright PBeM

New Beginnings  is a Birthright D20 pbem campaign for mature players only.

The Birthright World lends itself well to a strongly political game where each player rules a domain. In addition to this, New Beginnings is a role-playing game in which the PC's are awarded XP based on role-playing as well as their actions. This 'story driven' campaign will encompass many aspects of rulership and regency, and while war and 'risk style' gaming is possible, it is discouraged in favor of diplomacy and Empire building.


Our Philosophy:

  All existing holdings at the start of the game are assumed to have been established legitimately, except where noted by the DM to the player involved.
  Law holdings held by regents who do not rule the realm represent special rights / loyalties / privileges / titles / estates which have been legitimately acquired and are citizens of the realm they live in, though they answer to another regent.
  Guild holdings are the providence of the middle classes; No self-respecting member of the nobility will sully his hands in trade. The Anuirean noble class looks down upon nobles involved in trade.
Birthright Guilds are an organization that represent a coalition of local guilds. These guilds are comprised of trademen, craftsmen, artisans, Trade Halls, Craft Halls, etc, such as the Shipwrights guild or the Weaver's Hall.
  Historical levels of taxation of guild revenue are determined by the Dungeon Master, and are collected by the Law Holdings.
  Arbitrary confiscation of property will result in widespread repercussions, possible assassinations, and other unpleasant political ramifications.
  Anuire is extremely ethnocentric. Non Anuirean people are generally distrusted or are viewed with suspicion. Democracy, civil liberties, and naturalism are foreign concepts. Adopting an "enlightened" philosophy in an area without the appropriate social / cultural framework will result in widespread unrest and possible revolt by the conservative nobility.
  Alignments and previous misdeeds of major personalities are not common knowledge. Players who assume bad intent without proper cause may have to deal with difficulties caused by advisors, lieutenants, and henchmen who are not working with the same out-of-character knowledge. If it is common knowledge it will be posted in the Common Knowledge thread in the forums.
  Changes to the Regents and Holdings OOC Page are not considered IC knowledge unless a regent has holdings in the affected area.
  For the majority of the Sidhelien (elf) population there is no love for humans. At the very least Anuireans view the Sidhe with distrust the rare occasions they are seen, at worst there is open hostility. The humans and Sidhelien have warred off and on for millennia.
  Unlike life, there are very few shades of grey in the D&D universe. Your characters in Birthright will have their alignments determined at the games beginning, and deviations from this alignment will result in DM intervention and possible in game consequences as well as the risk of Bzorching.
  Temples are not subject to regular taxation.


Our Expectations:

  We treat each other with respect and dignity. Both the players and the DM team will strive to live by the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have done unto you".

  Lying or spinning in the Out of Character forums while "in character" in order to gain an in-game advantage is not permissible.
  If you have a question or concern regarding a ruling or action taken by the DM, email the DM and ask them. The forums are not the proper place for that type of query.
  If you have a general question regarding Game Rules, then please post it in the "Game Rules" forum. This forum is not to be used for OOC chatter or general debate of rulings, it is for the DM team to respond to questions asked there.

The rulings of the DM and his team are final. They are not open to debate. If you wish for an explanation, please email the DM. Arguing and abusive reactions to rulings may well result in a bzorching incident.
  This is an empire building game. We seek to play a long term diplomacy based game, and though warfare and assassination are part of diplomacy, they should not be the focus of your game plan.
  Throughout the game the players will become aware of information that their characters cannot have obtained through IC means. Any "meta-gaming" or use of OOC knowledge by a player in character is not permissible and will result in the offender being Bzorched
  Turns are to be submitted in a timely fashion. If your turn is going to be delayed by more than 24 hrs, please contact the DM prior to the deadline and request an extension. Any turn submitted more than 3 days after the deadline will be considered "null" and your realm will not perform any actions in that turn. This is to allow the DM to process turns and return them as quickly as possible so that the game can continue
  If it is not in your turn sheet, it never happened. This is not debatable. If you fail to remember to add something to your turn, you cannot attempt to change it after turns are being processed. It is also very important that any deals, alliances or plans made with other players or NPC's be referred to in DETAIL in your turn sheet. Do not rely upon the other player or the DM running the NPC to remember every detail of any plan you may have made.
  If the DM sends you an email with a question during turn processing, you may not change your turn in response to their question. Please just answer the question quickly to allow turn processing to continue.
  For the sake of DM sanity, Adventuring with your regent or any other characters under your control is expressly prohibited.