BR Lite - New Beginnings

A Birthright PBeM




All domains without a player are controlled by the DM team, all game e-mail must be CCed to the DM email.
Domains marked as "Available" are freely available for new players. Domains marked as Not Availiable, may become Availiable later in the game.
When sending game-related e-mail, Please use the [NB] tag at the beginning of your subject line to help people sort their mail
D20 For simplicity only landed regents are available for play in New Beginnings. If you truly desire a Guild or Temple role, please contact DM Karen


Realm Regent Player Contact
Aerenwe Liliene Swordwraith Available

Alamie Carilon Alam Available

Avanil Darien Avan Available

Baruk-Azhik Grimm Graybeard Available

Boeruine Aeric Boeruine Available

Brosengae & Brosen Royal Guild Eriene Mierelen Available

Cariele Entier Gladanil Available

Coeranys Eluvie Cariele Available

Dhoesone Fhiele Dhoesone Available
Diemed Heirl Deim Available
Elinie Assan ibn Daouta Available
Endier & Heartland Outfitters Guilder Kalien Available
Ghoere Gavin Tael Available  
Ilien Rogr Algondier Available

Imperial City of Anuire Traderic Dosiere NPC  
Medoere Suris Enlien Available

Mhoried Daeric Mhoried Available  
Mieres and Straits of Aerele Shipping Arron Vaumel Available


Oseorde Jaison Raenech Available

Oseorde William Moergen NPC

Roesone Marlae Roesone Available

Sielwode Isaelie NPC


Taeghas Harald Khorien Available

Talinie & Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn Thuriene Donalls Available

Tuarhievel Fhileraene Llyrandor NPC


Tuornen Laela Flaertes Available

Temple Regent Player Contacts
Celestial Jewel of Sarimie Temias Coumain Not Available
Church of Storm's Height Wincae Raenech Not Available
Eastern Temple of Nesirie Maire Cwllmie Not Available
Eloele of Mieres Sarae Somellin Not Available

Fortress, The Tugaere Issimane Not Available
Goblin's Triumph Kral Two-Toes Not Available
Haelyn's Bastion of Truth James Ardannt Not Available
Haelyn's Aegis Antia Maricoere Not Available
Hand of Azrai Hand of Azrai NPC  
Hidden Temple of Cuiraecen

Not Available
Impregnable Heart of Haelyn Hubaere Armiendin Not Available
Life and Protection of Avanalae Medhlorie Haensen Not Available
Militant Order of Cuiraecen Fhylie the Sword Not Available
Moradin's Forge Ruarch Rockhammer  Not Available
Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie Larra Nielems Not Available
Oaken Grove of Aeric Gunther Brandt Not Available
One True Church of Vosgaard Drago Malik Not Available

Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn Lavalan Briesen Not Available
Ruorinil's Celestial Spell Suris Enlien Not Available
Peaceful Seas of Nesirie Daffyd Tamaere Not Available
Sarimie's Temple of Fortune Hyde Termonie Not Available
Vos of the Five Peaks Dyre Dagan NPC  
Vos of Mieres Pyotr Selenie NPC  
Water's Blessing Phisaid Uriene Not Available
Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn Rhobher Nichaleir Not Available .





Andien and Sons Bannier Andien Not Available

Erebannien Traders Mourde Alondier Not Available

Boeruine Trading Guild Arien Borthein Not Available

Highland/Overland Traders Ghorien Hiriele Not Available


Maesil Shippers Moerele Lannaman Not Available

Mourde Alondir Mourde Alondir Not Available

Northern Imports and Exports Adaere Doneim Not Available

Port of Call Exchange el-Hadid Not Available

Points East Trading Guild Elamien Lamier Not Available

Prince's Pride Parnien Anuvier Iniere Not Available

Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik Diirk Watershold Not Available

Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports Orthien Tane Not Available

Spider River Traders Siele Ghoried Not Available

Stjordvik Traders Storm Holtson Not Available

Northlands Exchange/Source of the Maesil/ Stonecrown Coster Mheallie Bireo Not Available

Taeghan Outfitters Facellies Sloere Not Available

Upper Anuire Traders Gaelin Thuried Not Available





Caine Wizard of Endier Not Available  
Regien Wizard of Mhoried Not Available  
Aelies High Mage of the Erebannien Not Available  
Hermedhie Wizard of Medoere Not Available  
Mhisticai Wizard of Mieres Not Available  
Daeric Dhoesone Wizard of Dhoesone Not Available  
Clumine Dhoesone Wizard of Dhoesone Not Available  
Arlen Innis Wizard of Boeruine Not Available  
Torele Anviras Wizard of Talinie Not Available  
Sword Mage Wizard of Ghoere Not Available  
The Swamp Mage Wizard of Oseorde (Raenech) Not Available  
Second Swamp Mage Wizard of Oseorde (Moergan) Not Available  
Three Brother Mages Wizards of the Chimaeron Not Available  
The Eyeless One Wizard of the Five Peaks Not Available

Peak Mage Not Available